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Hello, as the expire time as passed for all but one requests, I've closed them. I did not use any template and simply noted the result, as it's up to the local community to decide what to do with them, probably archiving them somewhere might be a good idea :) The two successful admins have been promoted by MBisanz and myself. The one request that's expiring in a dozen or so hours will be dealt with then. I would like to thank also the candidates that volunteered for doing so. I and the other stewards will be of course available should any help be needed. Also, to the newly elected admins, please note that you can now request access to the #wikimedia-admin channel on freenode, which was created for the purposes of crosswiki coordination and might be of some use to you. To request access, see [[m:IRC/wikimedia-admin]]. Many thanks to all, and good luck for the new project and the new admins. Regards, <i><b>[[User:Snowolf|<font color = "darkmagenta">Snowolf</font>]] <sup><small>[[m:User:Snowolf|<font color = "darkmagenta">How can I help?</font>]]</small></sup></b></i> 03:38, 5 Нава 2012 (MSK)
== Хкягъунар_07Хкягъунар 07-14.07.2012 ==
Я предлагаю обоим Олегам - Соул Трейн и Святому Иоанну - также подать заявки на админство. Даже если они будут заходить время от времени, то пользы от этого проекту меньше не будет. [[Участник:Migraghvi|Migraghvi]] ([[Обсуждение участника:Migraghvi|обсуждение]]) 11:00, 8 чиле (июлдиз) 2012 (MSK)
* Спасибо, я подумаю, у меня ещё месяц есть.--[[Участник:Soul_Train|<font color="black">Soul</font> <font color="#00BFFF">Train</font>]] 17:57, 8 чиле (июлдиз) 2012 (MSK)
** Вообще-то например мои полномочия кончаются 15 июля. Твои 14, как и у остальных. [[User:Saint Johann|St. Johann]] 10:46, 9 чиле (июлдиз) 2012 (MSK)