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секция для ботостатусов
(секция для ботостатусов)
::::Это слово заимствованно из английского и должна адаптироватся на лезгинский как '''Уикипедиэ'''[[Участник:Lezgistxa|Lezgistxa]] ([[Обсуждение участника:Lezgistxa|обсуждение]]) 15:33, 29 Ибне 2012 (MSK)
== Ботар хкягъунар ==
== Bot Status: [[user:MerlIwBot|MerlIwBot]] ==
Here you can request bot status. [[User:Saint Johann|St.Johann]]<sup>[[User talk:Saint Johann|talk]]</sup> 19:32, 29 Ибне 2012 (MSK)
== Bot Status:= [[user:MerlIwBot|MerlIwBot]] ===
You may know me from incubator. I am running the only interwiki there which has done [http://toolserver.org/~pathoschild/catanalysis/?title=Wp%2Flez&cat=0&wiki=incubatorwiki_p#list_editors 1223 edits on lez test wikipedia]. I already updated all lezwiki pages short before the export from incubator for reducing the number of bot edits after wiki creation and added lez interwiki to other wikipedias during the last days.
==== Аксиниз (Oppose) ====
=== Bot Status: [[user:Idioma-bot|Idioma-bot]] ===
I would like to get a bot status for Idioma-bot as its changes wouldn't appear at RC page. This is a global bot working almost [https://toolserver.org/~purodha/sample/dbswithuser.php?usr=Idioma-bot at all Wikimedia projects]. [[Участник:Hugo.arg|Hugo.arg]] ([[Обсуждение участника:Hugo.arg|обсуждение]]) 18:42, 29 Ибне 2012 (MSK)